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Monster train

Monster Train is a strategic roguelike deck-building game with a twist. Set on a train to hell, you’ll use tactical decision-making to defend multiple vertical battlegrounds. With real-time competitive multiplayer and endless replayability, Monster Train is always on time.


Monster Train adds an extra strategic element to roguelike deck-builders with three vertical playfields that must be defended at a time. Enemies will move up each turn if not defeated, and when they reach the top floor, they will damage your Pyre. Choose wisely on which floor to place your forces. The strategic depth provided by this almost tower defence like mechanic will bring new ways to achieve success.

How to play:

New Dlc

A new clan has arrived to aid the forces of Hell. Fight with the Wurmkin clan and use a whole new mechanic based on room empowerment. The clans of hell will need the support of the Wurmkin clan, as a new ominous deity interferes with the ongoing battle between the forces of heaven and hell. The Last Divinity is so huge it imposes itself over all 3 floors!

a strategic roguelike

card game


Set in the

Depths of hell


Dice award - 2020 finalists
Pc Gamer Award - Best card game 2020


Card System

No playthrough is ever the same.

Monster Train is a roguelike deck-building game with over 300 cards, 90+ artifacts and a swathe of upgrades for any card in your deck. This makes each run and strategy truly unique. Take on challenging enemies as you level up your monster clans and covenant - you’ll never play the same deck twice.


Challenges allow you to set up your own run and share it with friends. Create your own specific challenge or beat the daily challenge created by the developers. Even better, join 7 other people in a high-pressure time based multiplayer match. Defeat all the forces of heaven before your friends and before time runs out. Each player will play with the same cards, choices and enemies.

Screenshot of the game showing the three types of challenges

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