Stygian Guard

Guardians of the Styx Sea, now frozen over. This sea served as the main corridor to the center of Hell and the Guard would keep this realm safe from intruders. They were granted special access to the Pyre to give them abilities that no other realm possessed. They were the first to fall in Seraph's Deception. These creatures are often confused with mermaids, though they lack no similarities aside from their half-human/half aquatic nature. Instead, these creatures take on the different traits of cephalopods, the creatures of the deep that predated the Dominion and the covenant. These units all take different forms - some having the tentacles of an octopus with the torso of a human, while another might have the head of a squid and feel very Cthulian. Others might have shells, but all creatures feel primal and ancient blended with some bipedal.

When the sea froze, only a few of the guard remained, many now deformed by the frost and struggling to survive. Known for their quick tempers, they rarely allow passengers through the the Styx corridor in favor of their own obsession with control. Unlike the sea that we know, the Styx was full of shadows; a dark soup that never revealed its full contents.

Below a selection of powerful characters you can find in the deck of the Stygian Guard.

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Tethys Titansbane

Champion of the Stygian Guard: Do not be fooled by her harmless demeanor, Tethys was the first to agree to the containment of the Titan for our Covenant’s sake. She has since become the most revered member of the Stygian Guard and my most helpful supporter in the defense of Hell.

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Titan Sentry

Stationed all across the Sea floor, generations of these Guardians have been tasked with the protection of the Unnamed Titan. Their roles have been entirely ceremonial until now. The sentries come with different features to support the fight for Hell.

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Offering Monument

Originally erected to mark offering sites across the sea floor, these monuments have become more unstable over time as they’ve absorbed the energy from the Unnamed below them.

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Nameless Siren

Those that enter the resting place of the Titan rarely emerge. But those that do are permanently imbued with some of its power, relinquishing their names as part of this new communion.