Melting Remnant

This class is a caste society. Some are regal and wealthy: those that choose not to melt away do so because they’ve found riches in Hell. Some are poor and downtrodden: those that melt away, choosing to do so out of poverty. This is a character class of wealth, but also of inequality.

This class is made of souls that have been turned into wax, like hellish candle people/ghosts. Waxers believe that once they’ve melted away their bodies, they will be released from Hell.

A Dreg is someone who is on the verge of melting away completely. They have little form left and are close to collapsing entirely. But before they do, they usually have one last burst of life to burn strongly enough to melt away.

Below a selection of powerful characters you can find in the deck of the Melting Remnant.

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Rfr. Flicker

Champion of the Melting Remnant: Both Priest and Gangleader, Rfr. Flicker has taken advantage of the Armageddon at hand and consolidated the Reformed and the Wickless under one banner, creating an endless cycle of profit through peace.

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Bounty Stalker

Contracted assassin often employed by the Wickless to accomplish what even they cannot. Their incredible prowess in hunting Waxers has made them feared across the entire Ring from Reformed to Wickless alike.

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Remnant Host

Tombs are formed, usually, as the consequence of some horrible accident when Guttering. If other Waxers happen to be caught in the wax drip of another, they can be trapped inside until their host melts away.

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Lady of the House

In a cruel joke, the souls trapped as Remnants retained the wealth they had from their previous life making Hell either very comfortable or very punishing. Some of the more generous Remnants decide to fund the Votive Houses scattered throughout the Realm, though their motives are hardly selfless. Their donations give them premium access to as much flame and wax as they want.