Deep within the volcanic wasteland of the Scorched Plains, dwell the Hellhorned, the mighty warriors of Hell. They value strength above all else, using displays of aggression and collections of horns to signify their rank. Now their armies of demons and imps, led by the deadly Hornbreaker Prince, have banded together to drive out Seraph and the Winged from their frozen homeland.

Below a selection of powerful characters you can find in the deck of the Hellhorned.

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Hornbreaker Prince

Champion of the Hellhorned: Cursed with no horns, the Prince has taken to collecting those of his opponents dispelling any doubt of his fighting prowess.

An experienced and decorated Hellhorned Warrior. Not the largest or strongest, but the quickest and smartest. Cursed with no horns, the only son of Grrg has taken to collecting the horns of his opponents. The Prince is decorated with Ashes of the Fallen and carries a scar of the Hellhorned Brand on its chest. Because of Rabisu’s small stature, his horns never grew in.

The Hellhorned respect no King, but they will put aside their aggression for this Prince.

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This impish Hellhorned has just been molded, as evidenced by their tiny wings and heavy tail. Their horns will continue to grow with each cycle.

These imps use their big tails for balance. They can’t fly, though they have little wings, they exist mainly to provide balance.

These imps ultimately grow into the Inferum Warrior, losing their tail and wings and growing their horns out.

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Horned Warrior

Though slightly unwieldy with the recent loss of their tails, these maturing demons have grown into their horns making them valuable soldiers of the Hellhorned.

Wielding tremendous power, they are quickly defeated when not properly protected.

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Along with a team of imps, these demons are responsible for the creation of all Hellhorned armor and weapons. While not usually on the front lines, their centuries of working metal gives them a comfortable tendency towards combat.