There is a natural evolution of units in this realm. A soul, first interred in the Wildwood, wanders until captured by the spores of an Awoken. They are then consumed by the vines, creating a Hollow. The soul inside is still sensitive to the outside world so steel is used to keep them contained. As the vines slowly strengthen their captor’s bond with the Wildwood itself, the soul and Wildwood become one.

Once the connection has been made and the soul has subjected to the Wildwood’s will, the Steel armor is removed and the Animus is formed, a footsoldier of the Wildwood and follower of the Channelers.

The Awoken consist of tough units that can absorb much damage, use thorns and Vines as weapons.

Below a selection of powerful characters you can find in the deck of the Awoken.

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The Sentient

Champion of the Awoken: This Hollow was able to sever its connection to the Wildwood, slowly awakening to the prison its soul was trapped in. Now separated from the rest of the Wildwood, it has repurposed its armor as makeshift shields to keep the rest of the vines at bay, becoming more aggressive with each attempt at recapture.

This champion is actually against the rest of the Wildwood (pre-game). They stand alone and aren’t communed with the rest of the Animus and Hollows. Instead, they’ve reused their armor as makeshift shields to protect itself, growing thorns on the outside to keep any attackers at bay. With each attempted attack, the thorns get bigger, trying to keep others out.

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Awoken Hollow

High health defensive unit with low attack but very high potential for life. Meant to field most damage on the field.

Prisoners encased in Steel and the soul within is not of this place, trying to break free before they lose their sanity.

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Animus of Speed

These Animus have grown to see beyond just this Realm, preternaturally aware of the actions of their enemies. Though, they are rarely created by Channelers since their gift of sight can expose them to the reality of their imprisonment.

These Animus are taller and have larger heads. Their eyes are larger as well, though glazed over as though staring into another realm entirely. They are quick versions of the normal Animus, their sight giving them a glimpse into the future to act more quickly.